Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Puppy Health: the foundation for a wonderful life

Our puppies make their first appearance at our vet clinic on their birthday, as we deliver all of our litters via c-section. We have work closely with our vet to plan and deliver each litter. He is very careful with Bella and is thorough in checking all of the puppies before we are given the okay to take them home.
The puppies are started on regular de-worming and baths at 2 weeks of age. We record weights as they progress to ensure the transition to food is resulting in a normal growth curve. Baths keep the puppies clean and also teach them from the begining that a bath is a good thing. As we bathe and handle them, we focus on each puppy to check for developmental progress and ensure everything is as it should be.
At 6 weeks we go to back to vet for another thorough health exam and their first round of vaccinations. We retain the labels from the vaccines used for each puppy and affix it to their health record, we record each puppies weight and date of de-worming from birth to delivery to their new home. These health records will be given to the new owner so that they may assist their vet with the puppies' continued preventive health regime.

Healthy dogs are happy dogs!