Saturday, November 9, 2013

Five girls and a guy !

Fatty Patty had another litter of puppies sired by CH Heatherbull Party Like a Rock Star also know as "Ozzy". They were born the last week of September and will be ready for new homes in early December.... just in time for settling into their new homes over the holidays.  You can see pictures and read more about their beautiful dad at his family's web site HERE 
Below are some baby pics taken 11-8-13 to give you a preview. There are 5 girls and 1 boy in the litter. As always my puppies come with a health statement from my vet and a health guarantee from me. The puppies will be current on vaccinations and worming. In addition each puppy will have a microchip for permanent identification and comes with AKC registration. I'd love to visit with you if you are looking for a bulldog family member. Please feel welcome to call me at 918-344-0622 or my mother, Susan, at 918-344-0791.  

Basket -o-puppies


Bob Jr.


Fat Amy



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

May We Introduce "The Boys"

Fatty Patty had a beautiful litter of puppies born on February 5th, 2013 which included these handsome fellows who are each looking forward to meeting their new families!

These boys are sired by CH Heatherbull Party Like a Rock Star or "Ozzy", you can see pictures and read more about their beautiful sire here:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tater Man

This is Tater aka Tater Man and when he was younger Tater Tot. He is smart, sweet, great with other dogs, cats and kids .... in other words he will be, like his mother and grandmother, a PERFECT pet. He's the last puppy available from my summer litter.

I know his new family will wonder how they every got along without him. Tater loves to ride in the car, watch TV, play outdoors, roll around the bed with my daughter and generally do anything we are doing. He is the ultimate companion & sidekick !

If you are looking for a canine BFF please give me a call - I'm looking for just the right family for the T-man ..... maybe it's you !?!

Erica 918-344-0622

Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 weeks old & ready to rock n' roll with you!

Patties first litter of bully babies are going to be 12 weeks old on Monday, January 16th and they are ready to leave the nest and go live with their permanent familes.....brings a little tear.
They are well on their way to potty trained, come when they are called and will follow you on voice command both indoors and outdoors. They are all kid tested and approved and
fine with other dogs, cats, people etc. They will be getting their 2nd
puppy vaccinations + rabies next week and have been checked out by my vets for
general health and have been micro chipped as well. Lance was 18.5 lbs last
week at the vet, Yadi was 16.5lbs and Petunia was 11.5lbs. I think they will be
a perfect size when they are grown - right on the breed standard – probably
55-60lbs for the boys and 45 lbs for Petunia.

Princess Petunia

Petunia is quite the special Princess and is a particular favorite of my 4 year old daughter. At night she waits until her brothers fall asleep and then she quitely makes her way to the front of the play pen & patiently waits for us to come and let her out, so she can come and sit on the couch with us as we work or watch TV.


If you want a sweet boy who thinks that your lap was made for him to sit in then Yadi is your boy!

Big Lance

Big going to be a chick magnet! My husband has always said if he had college to do all over again he would definately have a bulldog to go around Stillwater with him and Big Lance would be his boy!

Special guy

Fatty Paty is pretty special and I figuered that she needed a special guy for her first litter of puppies......even if FedEx was the only was she was ever going to meet him.

You can check out more informaiton about Tigger, the sire of this litter of puppies here:

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sping is on the way....and hopefully some new Bella Bullie Babies

Kenzie and I made our first trip to the vet today with Patty on our road to motherhood and I made the mistake of telling "The Puppy Princess" aka 3-year old, McKenzie, that we were going to the vet to help Patty gets some puppies; you'd better be prepared to explain the entire process and endure and endless line of questioning for the 20 minute drive home on why we didn't leave with any puppies. Because when you tell "The Puppy Princess", who happens to think that everyone grows up with a constant stream of puppies to play with, since her Memaw raises Pembroke Welsh Corgis and has three bitches and thus a pretty much endless stream of puppies to play with, that you are going to get puppies she expects puppies!

Kenzie was really good about the entire process and wanted to know when the puppies would be here and how are they going to get in Patty's belly, etc, etc........When it was our turn to go in the exam room she told me that she would lead Patty in to see the "Doctor" and she insisted on setting on the exam table to help hold Patty while they drew her blood.

Now that we have officially started the heat cycle I am going to have to make a decision about which stud dog use. I've been looking for several months and well now I am going to have to decided who is "the one"..........I'll let ya know when I've got it figured out.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on Ellie

I got a wonderful email from a family, who got a beautiful female Bella x Harley puppy from me. They named her "Ellie" and I have been getting wonderful updates from them as she has grown up. Ellie was on of the few puppies that I have let go to a great family with unlimited registration papers. Below is the most recent email I got about Ellie:

Hi Erica,

We purchase our Ellie from you in the Spring of 2009. She is wonderful. She has had 2 beautiful litters. Her last litter was 9!!! They were gorgeous. Ellie is such a wonderful mother. Our vet said we were lucky that a lot of bulldogs aren't. But Ellie does great!! We also have 4 female Bullmastiffs and none of them can compare to her at being a good mom.

One of her first litter is in Canada and is working on becoming a Champion. I wish we would have had time to show Ellie, but had too many things going on with out youngest just now in high school and 2 grand babies on the way.

Would love for you to see her last litter, they are on the bulldog page of our website,

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Ellie.

We Survived the Blizzard of 2011!

I thought I should share some of our pictures from the record breaking snow falls, -24 temps and 30+ mph winds we have experienced this month. It is nice to look back at these amazing pictures and know that spring is defiantly on the way.