Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 weeks old & ready to rock n' roll with you!

Patties first litter of bully babies are going to be 12 weeks old on Monday, January 16th and they are ready to leave the nest and go live with their permanent familes.....brings a little tear.
They are well on their way to potty trained, come when they are called and will follow you on voice command both indoors and outdoors. They are all kid tested and approved and
fine with other dogs, cats, people etc. They will be getting their 2nd
puppy vaccinations + rabies next week and have been checked out by my vets for
general health and have been micro chipped as well. Lance was 18.5 lbs last
week at the vet, Yadi was 16.5lbs and Petunia was 11.5lbs. I think they will be
a perfect size when they are grown - right on the breed standard – probably
55-60lbs for the boys and 45 lbs for Petunia.