Saturday, April 25, 2009


Don will make the companion of a lifetime; he has been the leader since day one. A funny kind of goofy young puppy - he has grown to be quite dignified and thoughtful. He’s always up for a game or fun but usually considers his actions and our requests before barging headlong into things. In fact, he transformed from Don to “The Donald” with an appropriate sense of importance and dignity as he goes about his daily schedule. His photos show that he is truly a very handsome dog. Don will be the dog that everyone in your neighborhood loves and knows by name. He'll be your partner and collaborator in all activities.
Don was raised in our home and socialized with lots of people, kids, dogs and cats he is ready to take his place as the CEO at your house. Despite their appearance, bulldogs are very kind, perceptive dogs with lovable natures - great with kids & other pets. Shipping or personal delivery to the DFW area is available at additional charge.