Saturday, April 25, 2009

Edward - SOLD to Kirstyn

Edward is the bomb – no doubt about it. Sometimes he has the cocky attitude of a pirate with a face that's marked like a pirate too. You can clearly see what looks like a “scarf” pulled over half his face – on the days when he lives up to that image – he’s known to run through the house up to mischief, but more often he’s Edward – the dignified gentleman who will grow into a stately chap quite soon. He's very people oriented and loves kids, in fact he is already “toddler approved”. Affectionate - always curious and very social, he likes to be in the midst of the family activity.

Ed was raised in our home, socialized with lots of people, kids, dogs and cats he is ready to move to his new home. Shipping or personal delivery to the DFW area is available at additional charge.