Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on Ellie

I got a wonderful email from a family, who got a beautiful female Bella x Harley puppy from me. They named her "Ellie" and I have been getting wonderful updates from them as she has grown up. Ellie was on of the few puppies that I have let go to a great family with unlimited registration papers. Below is the most recent email I got about Ellie:

Hi Erica,

We purchase our Ellie from you in the Spring of 2009. She is wonderful. She has had 2 beautiful litters. Her last litter was 9!!! They were gorgeous. Ellie is such a wonderful mother. Our vet said we were lucky that a lot of bulldogs aren't. But Ellie does great!! We also have 4 female Bullmastiffs and none of them can compare to her at being a good mom.

One of her first litter is in Canada and is working on becoming a Champion. I wish we would have had time to show Ellie, but had too many things going on with out youngest just now in high school and 2 grand babies on the way.

Would love for you to see her last litter, they are on the bulldog page of our website,

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Ellie.